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and Property

Anything that is attached or fastened to the structure itself is a part of the property sale.

Legacy bulbs in the garden; stained glass windows, window treatments, wall mounted TV's, etc., are part of the property unless otherwise specified in the Purchase Agreement.

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Rose Hart's OUTSIDE

Make it Sparkle: Arrangement

For this month's Seller Staging exercise we'll sit with our cup of coffee in the living room and visualize how to present the room, informal or formally? If we go formal, we can achieve this through symmetrical balance, maybe a sofa flanked by wing chairs and centered under a painting. A more casual appearance is created by groupings, but because casual can creep toward clutter, here are tips on how we can make casual coherent:

A house has lines inherent in its construction. A prairie style house has strong horizontal lines emphasized by woodwork, and that implies calm. A 21st century home is more likely to have arched windows and cathedral ceilings, and its inherent lines tend to be vertical.

15eNewsSince our visual brain tracks a line around a space, elements that are balanced and arranged in a smooth line are easy to understand. Off balance weights and jarring color shifts challenge the brain to make sense of what it's seeing. A vase of flowers is sensible and pleasant, but if it's on a dainty glass table set under a large stuffed moose head, it becomes an arresting scene.

If a consistent element is used throughout a house, then its lines and features can be emphasized and will lend an overall feeling of flow and harmony to potential buyers. Examples of unifying themes can be a texture, material, decoration or color. For example, woodwork painted or stained the same color.

We can control the visual stopping points at features we want buyers to notice.

Contrast gets our attention, and this is true for color, size, pattern and texture. A dark sofa in a light colored room will make the room look small. Conversely, placing high-contrast objects in a beautiful hutch will draw attention to a great feature.

Furnishing and decorating a long narrow room is challenging. To overcome this, try visually dividing it into two smaller spaces by hanging pictures in a column, or place a small table perpendicular to the wall.

Quality window treatments emphasize light and space, but furniture blocking a window tangles the visual lines.

Because of how we see depth, placing a few small, light colored objects at the far wall of a room will make it appear larger.

I would be happy to walk through with you and make suggestions on how to maximize your sale!

Contact Rose Hart at 612-250-0119 or Sally Bader- Hoagland to view this listing.